View Full Version : Multiple LMS on same subnet ok? Also, how to play mp3 from windows PC?

2013-10-01, 23:45
I have Logitech Media Server installed on a Pogoplug, and a couple of Pogoplugs running Squeezelite player. So far, they work alright.

I found out that if you install the Logitech Media Server for Windows on your PC, you gain a right click context option when you click on mp3's that let's you send that mp3 to a Squeezelite player. Pretty awesome. But, is there a way to get this context menu option without installing the full blown LMS program? It's confusing because I seem to be able to stop the LMS process on my PC and STILL get the context menu to cast mp3's to the Squeezelite player. It makes me think that this casting function in windows isn't tied to the LMS process.

And a related question: Is it a problem to have multiple Logitech Media Servers on the same subnet? It seems like any server can control any Squeezelite player...but what happens when the Android app gets on the network? Doesn't the Android app have to figure out which server to talk to when figuring out the status of a particular Squeezelite player?

2013-10-02, 03:47
Multiple instances of LMS is not a problem. You just need to direct your players and their controlling device (android) to the appropriate LMS server.