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Craig, James (IT)
2004-11-24, 05:38
Is iTunes actually getting updated?
I would expect any delay to come inbetween songs not 30 seconds into the
next track.
If the plugin works it should be very fast and I have always assumed
this would be masked by the buffer in the Squeezebox.
If it's not actually working the delay is probably caused by the OLE

Could you forward the log file covering an update?

To run the .pl file for indirect update you must have Perl installed on
your machine and .pl files associated with it and you would then run
(from the command prompt)

iTunesUpdateWin.pl hist_file_name&path
iTunesUpdateWin.pl "C:\My Music\Playlists\iTunesUpdate_hist.txt"

Each time you want to update the history.


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I have the same problem as a previous post - I am running iTunes Update
direct, and about 30 secs into a song I get a pause for about one sec,
as the plug in updates iTunes for the previous song. I have looked at
the log, and can't see anything obviously wrong, though I am not at all
technical. If there's no fix for this, I'd be happy to run the plug-in
indirect, but don't know how to run the .pl file. Can James or someone
else please advise? Many thanks!

Neil Coburn