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2004-07-05, 13:37
Quoting John Schulz <John (AT) JFSIII (DOT) org>:

> I just wanted to say that SoftSqueeze has worked very well for me.

jeez...that just screams for more details ;)

John Schulz
2004-07-05, 14:28
I just wanted to say that SoftSqueeze has worked very well for me.

I’m having some other issues, but am working with Support on those.

Thanks for the help.


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Hot chick at work? Gentlemen, we have a brother in need...

Check out SoftSqueeze, which is included with SlimServer now.

You'll need Java installed.

Let us know if that works for you...


On Jun 25, 2004, at 4:14 PM, John Schulz wrote:

> First, SlimServer kicks ass. I really love this thing.
> Now, here’s my issue. I listen to my files at work. There is a hot
> chick here who likes my music. I want her to be able to check out my
> music (preferably with her own playlist).
> We’re use NAT, so we all have the same IP address going out. That’s
> not too big a deal, even though I’d really like independent players
> for her and me. The problem is, if I connect two computers (with the
> same IP) to the same player I get some very erratic playback.
> The stream is not pausing (“network stalled” or “buffering”), it’s
> merely playing back the song skipping ½ second to 2 seconds forward
> (maybe backwards too) in the song. So “You’re no good to me…..You got
> me got me thinking…..I don’t wanna” becomes “You’re no…me….You
> got….think…you so bad”.
> That was issue one, poor playback.
> The second issue is the restriction of the MAC address as a player ID
> to the hardware clients only. I understand that a MAC address is not
> readily attainable from the HTTP headers, but I’d like to be able to
> pass that parameter if wish.
> My solution to the above problem was to use
> http://johnschulz.kicks-ass.org:9000/stream.mp3?player=00:0D:56:27:A7:
> 51 from my computer and
> http://johnschulz.kicks-ass.org:9000/stream.mp3?player=00:C0:A8:8B:8B:
> 13 from her computer. That way we could have two different players
> and each access the correct one even though we’re being funneled out
> through a common IP. However, we just end up sharing the same player
> again with the same erratic results.
> I realize this was probably outside the original scope of SlimServer,
> but unless there’s another way to address the Multiple Players from a
> Single IP issue it seems like a worthy feature.
> Is there another way to accomplish this? Seriously, this girl is hot,
> loves music, and better yet likes my music. We have to figure
> something out :P
> Thanks again for all the contributions everyone has made. I’ll take a
> look at the PM’s this weekend and see if I can make one of my own.
> Later.john
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> JFSIII (AT) GMail (DOT) com