View Full Version : [Squeeze]Sound-drops playing any loss-less or wav files.

Magnus Ignberg
2004-11-24, 02:19
The issue of Sound-drops when running Squeezebox wirelessly has been
discussed before but as far as I can see, no solution have been
presented to solve the problem. The Sound-drops appears only when
playing any loss-less format like ogg or flac and wav files and setting
the Squeezebox bitrate limiting to "no limit". The sound-drops appear
every 4 to 5 seconds and last for about one second.

There shouldn´t be any connection problem since signal strength is
almost 100% when I place the Squeezebox nest to my D-link 624. I have
tried different settings on my wireless router but nothing seems to do
the trick. My computer is new with lots of memory and capacity so it
shouldn´t either be a problem.

Please anyone, do you or have you had this problem and how can it be