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Robert Wallace
2004-11-23, 17:46
I had one for a week + however long it took me to ship it back. I really
wanted it to work, but it would stop playing after about 20 minutes and stay
mute for 4 or 5 minutes before it started back up. Obvious network problems
that Squeezebox (which I purchased soon after) did not have.

The remote is a nice idea, but in practice, it's very slow and frustrating
to use. Paging down a list of your tunes was tragic. Press down button; it
sends signal to player; player sends signal (over wireless network) to
server; server sends the next page of your song list to the player; the
player sends to the remote; the remote displays it. Took a few seconds.
Not long by itself, but it made scrolling very uncomfortable.

The range of the remote was not that great, either. Unexpectedly short for
an RF device.

I purchased it online like I do most things these days. This is the *only*
thing I've ever returned for a refund.

I have their sound card, but I won't buy anything else from Creative without
a *lot* of research.


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Calling Creative's Wireless Music device a "Squeezebox equivalent" is an
insult to the Squeezebox and everybody at SlimDevices... :-)

I actually had one for about a year, having jumped on it almost as soon
as it was released. Never did get as much use out of it as I would have
liked, due to it being *very* slow, buggy, and just generally ugly (at
least with the first couple firmware versions). The biggest problems
that I had were that it was heavily Windows-centric, had to be managed
using their media player software (with no real integration into
anything else), and I had at least two access points that it wouldn't
even think of connecting to.

IMHO, the *only* good idea behind their design was the LCD RF-based
remote. That part was a nice piece of kit, albeit a bit unwieldy. My
solution to that in the SlimDevices world, however, was to get an old
WiFi capable PocketPC device, which will do everything that Creative's
remote would do and a whole lot more (by communicating back to the
SlimServer itself), and is actually easier to read. There are a couple
of apps that you can download off SlimDevices plug-ins page that will
allow you to pretty effectively use this as a remote for your system.

Further, although Creative Labs has proven themselves over the years as
an excellent PC audio hardware company, they really don't know enough
about networking to have any business building a network-capable
device... Their tech support was beyond useless in terms of helping me
to actually get the thing connected (the solution was to buy a new
access point, although I'm *still* not sure why, since the old AP worked
with every other wireless device in my house).

The bottom line is that I sold it on eBay for the express purpose of
buying a Squeezebox to replace it with (sold a Linksys Wireless Media
Adapter at the same time).

The Squeezebox is just unbelievably excellent by comparison, and the
most significant part is that I find I'm actually *using* it, as opposed
to just letting it collect dust on my stereo rack ;-)

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As an aside, what is Creatives "squeezebox equivalent"? I couldn't
see anything on us.creative.com