View Full Version : AlienBBC and Mac

Daniel Cohen
2004-11-23, 15:42
Well, I've got further, but have a problem which may be a failure on
my part to have done things properly, or may be related to the
problems I have been having with the Squeezebox menu. I'm not sure
which, and not sure how to decide. But I *thought* I had followed the
instructions properly.

I have "Alien" appearing among the Plugins on the Plugins pages of
server settings, and also appearing among the main menu items in the
Menu page of the Squeezebox settings. On that page, there are seven
items, including Alien, in the main menu.

Five of those items are basic Squeezebox ones that work fine. A sixth
works ok, but has the wrong name as noted in my other post.

A seventh menu item exists, but just provides a blank text, and does
not respond to pressing the Right button.

Daniel Cohen