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Simon Turner
2004-11-23, 14:22
> On 23/11/04 at 11:36 am +0000, Simon Turner wrote
> >My big problem with the Squeezebox analogue outs is that the
> volume level is
> >not high enough so I ended up having to increase the volume of the hifi
> >power amp to compensate whenever I changed from another separate
> to use the
> >Squeezebox.
> I wonder how one can be sure that this is due to the Squeezebox and
> not to any issues with the ripped files.

Because the volume of the SB digital out through all the Dacs I have tried
is louder and on a par with my CD player/Tuner etc (with the exception of
the Perpetual Technologies PA-3 DAC in conjunction PA-1 Digital Correction
unit, which does bring the digital out down to almost the same level as the
SB analogue outs. However, the PA-1 is well known for reducing volume
And I guess because 20,000 files, many ripped by other people and in variety
of different formats all sounded quiet. I didn't compare radio at the time
of experimentation though.

Simon Turner
Brighton UK