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Steinar Bjaerum
2004-11-23, 12:44
Unfortunately, I currently don't have a Squeezebox so I am unable to figure
out if this is a Softsqueeze only problem.

Since I reported the problem, I have done several upgrades, and the problem
has changed.
My setup is now:
XP Home SP 1
Slimserver v2004-11-23
Softsqueeze 1.13
Java 1.5.0

Now ogg and wma streams are playing perfectly with Softsqueeze.
However, with mp3 streams I am experiencing strange behavior.
When I run the precompiled slimserver.exe, and select an mp3 stream in
Softsqueeze, there seems to be a buffer problem of some sort. The same audio
sequence is being played several times, and the CPU load caused by slim.exe
is oscillating heavily with peaks of around 80%. This behavior lasts for 30
seconds or so. Observing the buffer level, it gradually increases to 100%,
but the problems still exist for some seconds after the buffer reach 100%.
Then the buffer is stable at 100%, the slim.exe CPU load is negligible, and
the stream is being played perfectly.

However, if I run slimserver.pl, I do not observe any problems. There are no
startup problems, the buffer is constantly at approx. 25%, and the CPU load
is negligible.

Therefore, on my system, the precompiled and the perl versions behave
differently with Softsqueeze. I am a slim novice, and am just describing my
observations. Please let me know how I can contribute in figuring out what
the problem is.


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> Steinar,
> Someone else reported this problem a couple of weeks ago. So far it has
> been difficult to pin it down with a fix. Softsqueeze 1.12/slimserver
> 5.4 include an enhancement that is meant to reduce the start up delay
> when listening to internet radio, and I suspect that this is not working
> correctly for you. Do you have a squeezebox, and if so do you also see
> an increase in CPU usage when listening to the radio?
> Could you enable the buffer fullness display (under the Player Settings)
> and observe how full the buffer is when the stream starts. Capturing the
> slimproto debug from the slimserver (under Server / Debugging) may also
> prove useful.
> Regards,
> Richard
> Steinar Bjaerum wrote:
> >When streaming internet radio to Softsqueeze 1.12 the slim.exe process
> >uses approx. 80% of my CPU resources (2GHz P4, XP Home SP 1).
> >This is regardless of the stream format (mp3, ogg or wma), and
> >regardless of whether I transcode to mp3 or not.
> >I am running the latest nightly build.
> >
> >I have tried to stream radio to Softsqueeze versions prior to 1.12,
> >and also to Winamp. In these cases the slim.exe process uses
> >negligible resources.
> >
> >It therefore looks like the interaction between slimserver and
> >Softsqueeze 1.12 is eating up CPU resources when streaming internet
> radio.
> >
> >Is anybody else experiencing this?
> >
> >Steinar
> >
> >
> >
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