View Full Version : ExBrowse 0.3

2004-07-04, 06:45
Hi all -

I just uploaded version 0.3 of my ExBrowse skin. This fixes all the
known problems with 0.2, including Internet Explorer support. ExBrowse
now works with both Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox 0.8+.

The skin is available at http://mysite.verizon.net/jacobdp/exbrowse/

Because of changes in the mechanics of the Web interface for
Slimserver (addLinks for the home menu), this release of ExBrowse
requires a recent nightly version of SlimServer, version 5.3. That's
why I'm posting this to Developers instead of Discuss.

I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions. Hopefully, once it's
stable, ExBrowse can be part of the main server distribution.

- Jacob