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Simon Turner
2004-11-23, 08:45
In my tests on how Slimserver (5.3.1 and 5.4) handled single file rips and
cue sheets on XP I found that Slimserver did not handle single file CD rips
very well. It is a known bug (see michael's last post in the thread "Re:
[slim] Mix cds ripped as individual flac files... gaps between tracks") and
is listed on bugs.slimdevices.com (although the emdedded cue sheet bug does
not appear to be).

If I use an embedded (internal) cue sheet only, then the cd is not listed
correctly when browsing Genres/Artists/Albums and tends to appear in the No
Album/Artists listing (although oddly not No Genre, it's found under Correct
Genre/No Artists/No Album), and although the album title is listed in Browse
Music Folder the tracks cannot be played as they are not listed (i.e. the
album appears to be empty!).

I've not used an external cue sheet with a single file rip that does not
have an internal cue sheet as well so can't comment. However there is a
related bug listed here: http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=656. I
do know that if you use both an external and an internal cue sheet together
then things get seriously wierd.

I've been reduced to using the cue sheet with EAC to rip the single file
back into individual tracks. I didn't get as far as adding the tracks that
were listed into a playlist as I had no more time to waste.

FYI. I have also found that leaving EAC generated cue sheets referring to
the original (now non-existent) wav files in the same folder as the
compressed flac files causes Slimserver to list tracks in an incorrect
manner too.

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

Hi !

This my first message on this forum : I hope you will forgive my bad english
and maybe that I didn't find the answer somewhere else in the threads.

I rip my CDs using EAC in a unique file + cuesheet, then compress the .wav
file with flac and then tag the .flac file with metaflac. All a CD in one
file because I want to be able to lossly compress in the future without
having to deal with the CD and having to guess "with or without gaps ?", in
three steps because I carefully tag my files and beacause
the --no-utf8-convert option in metaflac is the only method by which I can
see circumflexes, acutes and so on (sorry, guys, I'm french ;-) ) in
I use Slimserver 5.3.1 (5.4.0 since this morning) on XP SP2, wired and
wireless squeezeboxes.

1. I can play the tracks I want but when I save them in a playlist, the
whole flac file is saved not the track (xxx.flac, not xxx.flac#aaa-bbb in
the m3u file) so the playlist is useless.
Is this something you encountered or do I make something wrong ?

2. All the classic tags are perfect and I can browse albums, browse artists,
browse genres but when I browse Music folder and select one of my flac
files, all I can see is an empty line (finishing with "Play" and "Add to
playlist" icons). Obviously, no sound...
What am I doing wrong, what am I supposed to see and what is the
corresponding tag ?

3. I managed to get thumbnails of my flac files (in discrete folders for
each file, with cover.jpg). If I would like to only have artist folders and
the same name (without extension ofcourse) for the .flac file and the .jpg
file, what would I tag ?
I tried some ARTWORK=filename.jpg, COVER=... without success.

That's all ! I have some more questions but I think I need to explore a
little bit more before boring you with stupid questions.

Thanks for reading and your advices.