View Full Version : Wireless interference? Or problem with SB?

Mark Bennett
2004-11-23, 08:08
> Mine also at the default of 7 days.

OK, so it's not that.

> Although I guess my router must be behaving differently to yours, since
> with debug enabled I see the router MAC requesting access to the network
> (and being dropped). The router MAC is visible through netstumbler, so
> in theory someone could be using the MAC to try and access my network.
> Unlikely, though - I'm just very paranoid ;-)

It's not impossible. I live in a fairly well spread out area, on
the edge of school playing fields. So I probably only have 2 or
three houses near enough to cause any sort of interference, and I
think only one of them is probably enough of a computer user to
possibly have a wireless network

I'll have to try NetStumbler on my laptop at some point to see what
I can find.

> I'm kind of tempted to ask Support about it, but USR tech-support is
> 100% useless :-(

I've never used them, but I get the impression that they are useless.

> I guess what it boils down to is that even though we have same hardware
> and firmware version, we still see different router behaviour.

Yes, this is strange...

Just as
> a matter of interest - do you have the USR808054, or the USR018054? I'm
> using the latter (the cheaper) of the 2.

I believe that they are essentially the same box, but the 80854 is
for the european market, while the 018054 is officially for the US
market. I think I have the 018054, (bought from Scan.co.uk) but
I'll need to check when I get home.