View Full Version : Squeezebox duet & squeezelite on RPi sync problems

2013-08-25, 05:40
Hello all. I have a duet (which has just updated itself) which plays music from LMS (also just updated) on a win7x64 machine. Also have 2x RPis running squeezelite, and all of these will play stuff quite happily controlled by the logitech app for android. The problem I'm having is if I set any to sync from any other playback immediately starts dropping out. I've tried using wireless, EOP and regular ethernet connections to the RPis to no avail. The RPis are the current raspbian wheezy with squeezelite-armv6 run on startup as a cron job, and I suspect the issue is with them rather than the network or LMS as my android devices sync to the squeezebox receiver without difficulty.

Any pointers on how to resolve?