View Full Version : Triode spotify app, problem with password

2013-08-22, 16:03
Hi everyone

I have a problem using the Triode spotify app (V 2.2.16). It has been working perfectly, but I recently reinstalled the server (so I have the lastest version) and cleaned the cache, and since then things have gone wrong.

I input my correct spotify password in the field, but the Status still reads

Helper App: Running
Not logged in to Spotify
Login Error: Bad username and/or password
Last Error: No error

The self test reads

Self Test - Complete
Helper App Running
Helper App Running
Not Logged In
Not Logged In
Failed To Receive Metadata
Failed To Receive Metadata

Unable to log in to Spotify: Password not set

The password disappears from the password field when I click apply, with the message Changes have been saved.

The problem persists when I restart the computer

If I try to search I get the message:
Error reading headers: Server closed connection without sending any data back at /Net/HTTP/Methods.pm line 306.
...propagated at /Net/HTTP/NB.pm line 32.

Any help appreciated.

2013-08-22, 16:08
Forget the above -- there was an extra space in my user name. Everything's working fine now.

Panic over