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2013-08-18, 06:46

I want to push this old topic cause it gets more and more hot due to more and more amplifiers
are TCP controlled and can be connected to a SB.

With the Denon AVP Control (http:()//()code.google.com/p/denonavpcontrol/) is works in both direktions
to update each other via the LMS CLI "<MAC> mixer volume <value>.

I have bought a new (GA 04/2013) Marantz NR1604 which works also fine with this plugin (on Volume + Power + Zone)

Where is the Problem ?

If I use in the Duet the option volume control: "fixe volume to 100%" ALL the control is nailed to the wall at 100%.

All control via the CLI is impossible from now on. All interfaces as I know are using this CLI interface.

I also want to use it, to be controlled by KNX via Gira Homeserver and via iPeng and the SB Controller which I have all distributed in my house.

If this is cut, it is very bad.

I read several discussions here, also from Peter Watkins VolumeLock, but all this doesn't help cause the CLI mixer volume is allways nailed to 100%.

The Duet controller doesn't show any volume slider if the Audio: "fixe volume to 100%" is selected.

The requirement is:

Only fix the physical output volume (digital + analog) to 100% and let the CLI free to work for all
communications toward the connected amplifiers.

Andreas open allready a bug, cause this was allready working in 7.4 (http:( ) bugs.slimdevices.com/show bug.cgi?id=18017)

But this is still not assigned.

I think we needs a general solution here cause it is standard today to have good amplifiers TCP controlled (bidirectional)

Whatever controll interface you use, it should work over CLI, so we need a virtual volume if the physical is fixed.

So please, experts where would be the best place to patch ???

I already dive in the code of 7.7.2 and saw the usage of
$prefs->client($client)->get('volume') and
$prefs->client($client)->set('volume', $vol);

Is that the right location to patch ?


PS: (As this is my first post here: Thanks to all who spend so much effort to make ths system so nice, I like it :)

2013-08-20, 14:20

many reads but no answer :) All very busy with exiting new systems.

Ok, but I get some step ahead.

So, I found a very good hint from pippin, where he points to the development discussions in 2010:


the discussion:

and the docu bug:

Conclusion by today: Duet and LMS 7.7.2

if you install the current plugin: DenonSeriel from Peter Watkins and set in Audio the to "fix volume to 100%" option,

it works for WEB control and current iPeng, also Squezzster (which base on Web). but not with SB Controller.

If I access from SB Controller to the Duet Receiver it suddenly jumps to 100%.

It seems that the SB controller doesn't know the new approach discussed above and enforce the 100%.

So as I understand the touch was able to be patched by SSH. Is this also possible at SB Controller?

I think it must. Did somebody thought allready about this ?