View Full Version : Music folder browsing problem

Tim Downie
2004-11-23, 04:58
Apologies if this has been done to death in the past but this is driving me

I received my Squeezebox yesterday and I'm pleased with the way it performs.
I do have one problem however.

When I first set it up I directed it to use the "My Music" folder (Windows
98se) and it duly displayed all the mp3 files there and sub-folders when I
went to "Browse
music folder" in slimserver. These all play just fine.

I then downloaded and added another couple of mp3 files to this folder.
Nothing that I can do will make these files appear in the slimserver list.
I've asked it to rescan the music library folder and refreshed the screen
but no joy. Done the usual re-booting etc and everything else I can think
of. Nothing at all seems to happen when I ask it to rescan the music
library folder.

I've tried moving my new files into a new sub-folder but the sub-folder
remains invisible too.

If I change the music library folder to the new one, then I can see the new
sub-folder and its contents but I can't move back up to the "parent" folder
without resetting the music library folder. I'm sure it can't be meant to
work like this. I've checked your FAQs and manual but I can't work out what
(if anything) I'm doing wrong.

The same thing happens on our laptop running XP so it doesn't seem to be a
98se issue.