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2013-08-15, 19:07
I looking to make a transition to a little linux base hardware, but I can't find a good software to play my music. I have a big classical music library and I can not keep up a good way of tagging all my file. That is why I organize all my CD in a way that could find anything fast and easy.
Almost all music player program work with a library system base on tag. I use foobar2000 in windows and I browse in my music by "file system". I use the same way in squeezebox.

I can't believe that there is not a program in linux that could meet my need???

Thank you

Mark Miksis
2013-08-15, 20:37
I use easytag.

2013-08-15, 21:07
Puddletag is also very good

2013-08-16, 00:27
Hmmm, the others answered with suggestions for tagging programs, but it sounds to me that you are looking for a player that works on Linux. Is that right? If so, since you're on this forum and you play your own library, is it fair to assume you run LMS? If that's the case, then one simple solution is to use SqueezePlay on your Linux box. With SqueezePlay you can browse the music folder just like on a SB.

I am sure there are other Linux-based players allow you to browse via file system, but I'd have to double-check before recommending one with certainty.

2013-08-16, 14:27
VLC for playing music on Ubuntu is straightforward and simple to use. I agree with Aubuti that Squeezeplay would be the best option though(the Squeezeplay.exe download will work under WINE if you have trouble setting up the deb version)

2013-08-16, 15:56
You could try getting foobar2000 running on linux:

Or you might like DeaDBeeF: