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Ben Gladstone
2004-11-23, 03:03
with multiple sboxes it's easier to use port forwarding on your router
(e.g. if you have a home adsl based network) and then give the sboxes
the router's IP, not the server's - then you can change which server
they use in one stroke by changing the port forwarding.... if that makes
any sense...

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It's pretty easy.

When you setup the networking on the SB it gives you a choice of the
servers it can see, and you just select the one you want to use.

Every time you want to change the server you'll need to go through and
reconfigure the SB network setup, but it remembers the IP
addresses/encryption etc.
so it's not tricky and probably takes less than a minute once you've
done it once or twice.

I've done exactly the same thing when taking my SB to work to show to
others. (I think I should be on a commission by now...)

On Sun, 2004-11-21 at 06:23, Ralph Edington wrote:
> Question from non-but-soon-to-be-owner:
> I know that multiple Squeezeboxen are supported marvelously, but what
> about multiple slimservers? How hard is it to reconfigure the
> Squeezebox to point at a different slimserver?
> Before I get too many questions like "why would you ever want to do
> that", let me say I have a situation where the preferred box to run
> slimserver (i.e. faster CPU, bigger hard drive) is a laptop, which
> might be frequently out-of-town. It might be nice to have a backup of

> the music library -- and a duplicate copy of slimserver -- running on
> another box, but if it's a major pain to change over, say, four
> Squeezeboxen to the other server, I'm not sure that's worth it.
> Or is it even a choice? Does the Squeezebox just latch onto the first

> SlimServer it sees, and never let go?
> Any ideas? Comments?
> Thanks,
> Ralph