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2013-08-11, 19:55
Hi all, first post on this forum. Hello to all.

I'm new to Squeezebox and recently acquired 2x Radios and 2x Duets off of eBay (brand new in box, great deals!!!). I'm pretty much delighted with the system out of the box and fired up with LMS V7.8.0 and upgraded all the firmwares when asked. It worked absolutely fine for the first week. Now I have a host of problems that I can't solve:

1) One of the duet remotes refused to connect to wireless network after it ran out of battery and had to be recharged for the first time (ie the first power on reset)
2) Radios wont remember presets
3) Radios don't automatically join the network when they have been powered off and powered back on. The network sign is red. I have to manually make it connect by selecting "My music" and after that it seems fine, but this is a pain
4) The radio stations under "Local" are now pointing to "Hobart" which is in Tasmania 4000kms away. In the first week it correctly pointed to Perth which is about 30km away. It seemed that this change happened when I changed the timezone from GMT + 10 (same timezone as Hobart) to GMT + 8 (the correct Perth timezone). So, in the first week the radio thought I was in Perth, but 2 hours ahead, now it thinks I am in Hobart with Perth time. Bizarre. I can's find anyway of changing this.

There are other various issues. Again, it all seemed to work great in the first week and then just gradually got worse and worse. Googling suggests that LMS V7.8.0 and the associated Radio/Duet firmwares is not the most stable version and that it might be a good idea to downgrade. I haven't yet done this, but I wondered if anyone had any thoughts before I invest time into seeing if any of the earlier versions are more stable or not.

2013-08-11, 20:33
7.8 is beta code that hasn't been officially released. I believe that 7.7.2 is the current version of the server software. All versions can be found here;


I had a similar problem with local radio stations and discovered it was really my ISP. For whatever reason my IP was showing that it was in a city about 1,000 miles away so my local radio stations listed the ones in the other city. Don't know if this is any good where you are, but it works for me here in the USA.


2013-08-11, 22:12
About 4 get Tune in account and install and configure the tune in app , then you get much better localisation than geo ip .

Presets ? Be carefull which server you are conected to the local LMS or mysqueezebox.com the presets are server specific !
I sugest to always use your local server .

Btw have you configured your mysqueezebox.com credentials in your local LMS ?

Have you successfully registered all your players ? Ie have the previus owner removed the players from his/her mysqueezebox.com account ? Otherwise weird things is bound to happen.

I run 7.8 problem free I don't think any of your problems is related to fw or server versions.

2013-08-11, 22:22
Re 3.

If you have to select my music , have the players been conected to mysqueezebox.com ?
Nowadays the radio show red or white , it used to have more colours like the duet reciever .
What happens when you choose my music is that it connects to your local LMS sever it is probably already on your network .

Do you turn off your server ? It can normally take some time from finished startup until it sees the server .

Is port 3483 udp open in your firewall and is udp broadcast allowed ? This is how the server makes its presence known to players.
But this migth work fine as it finds the server when you choose my music .

2013-08-12, 01:59
OK, I will stick with V7.8.0 and see if I can solve my problems another way