View Full Version : XP bug?: Upgrade resets Slimserver login account

Simon Turner
2004-11-23, 01:52
I have now added this bug to Bugzilla.
Hopefully I am not the only one experiencing it... but as I have not heard a
peep from anyone on this list both (three?) times I have mentioned it I am
not too sure.


Simon Turner
Brighton UK

> I can't seem to find reference to this problem anywhere so
> thought it about
> time I mentioned it.
> As I use Windows (XP) I have to run Slimserver under an account that is
> allowed to access my network (administrator and possibly power user group
> too). I usually upgrade in the following manner:
> Close Slimserver, stop Slim service, install update over existing
> installation.
> Every time Slimserver changes the account it uses to a local account so I
> loose all the music on my networked drives. Simple matter for me to change
> the account it logs on as, but it may cause others wasted time trying to
> figure out where their music has gone.
> Simon Turner
> Brighton UK