View Full Version : No sound from Squeezebox (possibly Softsqueeze issue)

Simon Turner
2004-11-23, 01:43
Hi Richard,
I am pretty sure I would normally close SS down using the X button on the
main window (as I try to minimize problems with Slimserver by using it, and
associated programs, in as correct a manner as possible). However, it is
possible I may have used the taskbar, I am not certain.

I must stress that this is the third time I have reported this problem and
that it has occurred on at least the last three releases of SlimServer and
is not dependant upon SoftSqueeze running (or even being synched). It is
definitely a SlimServer bug.
Unfortunately it is very hard for me to reproduce (have been trying for the
last twenty minutes with no joy).

I have now filed it with Bugzilla.


Thanks very much for you reply. It is appreciated.

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

Richard Titmuss wrote:

> Simon,
> I have also seen this, usually when syncing Softsqueeze and a
> Squeezebox, but also on occasion between Squeezeboxen. Sometimes when
> Softsqueeze is closed the slimserver continues to attempt to sync the
> players, even now one of the players is missing. If you close
> Softsqueeze using the x button on the main window this won't happen as
> the player disconnects cleanly, but using the close option on the
> taskbar or turning off your pc with Softsqueeze running will trigger the
> bug. When you get no audio from your Squeezebox try unsyncing from your
> Softsqueeze player in the Settings menu on the Squeezebox.
> I think you should file this as a bug (http://bugs.slimdevices.com).
> Regards,
> Richard
> Simon Turner wrote:
> >I've posted about this at least twice before and learnt that
> this is a bug
> >that SD have some knowledge about but no advice... so far.
> >
> >In this instance...
> >I was using Softsqueeze synched to my Squeezebox. I closed down
> Softsqueeze
> >and all sound stopped emitting from my Squeezebox. It appears to be
> >working... i.e. progress bar is progressing... but there is no
> sound (I've
> >tried headphone output in case it's my Dac that has a problem, but it's
> >silent too). Other times I've had this problem I was not running
> Softsqueeze
> >at all... but it seems easier to achieve silence when I have been running
> >it.
> >
> >I can only recover by restarting the Slim server service.
> >
> >Details:
> >XP SP1. Slimserver 5.4 with associated Softsqueeze and firmware, digital
> >out, java 1.5 beta 2....... although I experienced the same problem with
> >earlier versions of SlimServer and Softsqueeze.
> >
> >At the possible expense of ruining my chances of tech help I do
> think that
> >SD should be a little more keyed into Windows support. Windows
> users account
> >for well over 90% of the target market. I'm sorry Kevin... I do very much
> >appreciate your help, it's been very useful indeed over the last
> few months
> >(year?).
> >
> >Simon Turner
> >Brighton UK