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Jesse David Hollington
2004-11-22, 09:53
Interesting idea.... I don't think you'd need to worry about the
encoding too much though.... The Squeezebox, at least, will support raw
PCM streams as well, although depending on your network environment that
may not provide the best performance to a wireless SB.

I'm sure as long as you could feed a raw stream of just about any
flavour into SlimServer it could transcode it as required, however,
using LAME or whatnot. This is essentially how external OGG/WMA streams
are handled as well.

So basically as long as the software allows you to stream *anything*
from an AM/FM tuner card the SlimServer should be able to take care of
any necessary transcoding from there (barring any oddball sample rates
like 16khz, anyway).

>>> biros (AT) stelor (DOT) com 11/21/04 19:25:04 >>>
Ahhh... you just peeked a thought in my head... I might want to do the
same... just thinking out loud... I wonder if I would be able to put a
tuner card in my server pc and get some software that would stream it
the tuner card doesn't encode to mp3 directly, then the streaming
would have to do that too)...then place a link to the mp3 stream in my
playlist... then I could have locals at any sb.... hmmmm.... I may
down this path to see what I find. If anyone has a recommendation on
an mp3
encoder/streamer that isn't as big as msft media encoder I am all ears


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I thought about that, but I would like to have local Radio Broadcasts
available too. Some of the stuff I listen
to does not have streams online.