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2013-07-17, 21:20
Its a bit late to be asking this question but is there any feature in LMS to display the rear cover art? I use folder.jpg in all my music folders to display the front cover art, but it would be super to be able to see the rear cover art too, especially in iPeng.

2013-07-17, 21:44
I don't believe there's a way to see anything other than the single folder.jpg (or whatever you call your cover art). I would envision this to be a FANTASTIC enhancement. I'd not limit it to front/back. Add the ability to do the booklets and stuff like the Woodstock cover (all panels), all the stuff in the original Sgt Peppers, the desktop of Schools Out, Big Bambu (with paper) (would I now be restricted to SlimChances backdoor policy?), the odd newspaper fold for Thick as a Brick, etc. This ability would bring back some of the "tactile" enjoyment of the vinyl days! What a great thing for the HDMI possibility on the Wandboard project!

2013-07-18, 04:57
I asked a similar question - http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?98196-Other-Album-images-back-booklets-etc-Any-way-of-displaying-these - as I thought it would be a great enhancement to the software controllers like iPeng and OrangeSqueeze to be able to display other scanned images on the tablet, but that won't happen until there is a server-side plugin that will read the images. Meanwhile, for the gui there is extGUI4LMS, Muso and Erland's Custom Browse (details in the linked thread).

2013-07-18, 05:00
I started a thread on this some time ago. http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?81716-Showing-CD-Inserts-(album-notes). As a new user of SB I found this deficiency to be a major drawback and devised my own standalone solution in the hope that one of the developers would implement such functionality. I was a bit surprised in the lack of interest generated and concluded that I was unusual in wanting this facility. I have since written my own controller application and have integrated cd insert (or backcover) viewing into it. Pretty straight-forward to implement this but a few observations from my experiences:-

1. Scanning the cd inserts was not entirely straight-forward, especially from older cds where thin paper was used with consequent bleed through. I reckon I have spent as least as much time scanning and cropping as I have in tagging.

2. Presumably, some sort of standardisation of file naming would be needed if an app were to be made widely available by a developer. For what its worth, I store mine as gifs in the music/album folders, 1.gif for the first page, 2.gif for the second, etc.

3. The quality of information included on the inserts is pretty variable and seems to be declining (another sign of 'progress'). I tend to supplement or replace the cd inserts with reviews from the web, allmusic for example. As I mostly buy mp3 downloads these days (since proving by experiment that I can't hear the difference from flac) I don't have the inserts so use reviews exclusively.

(sorry, dunno if the link I posted is clickable, haven't done that before).


2013-07-18, 08:21
but that won't happen until there is a server-side plugin that will read the images
This already exists - extGUI4LMS's plugin exposes this functionality (as a simple jsonp call), and any client could use it (not only extGUI4LMS itself)

One other functionality worth mentioning in this context is extGUI4LMS's discogs integration, as it not only gives you some information about the release and artist(s), but also (back)covers and more (depending on the quality of discog's entries, obviously). Here's an example:


In this case, you'd get cover, back, cd, and one inset. You can preview the small version directly in the GUI, but more importantly, you can save the full-sized images on your LMS server into the directory of the track (which means that they can be displayed in extGUI4LMS afterwards - see the example in Wirrunna's thread)

2013-07-18, 09:39
I beilieve cover art(including insets and back covers) is available on the Touch screen using Extras/ Image Browser, but it is pretty hopeless at finding specific artwork if you have a big library. I realize the question was more about LMS