View Full Version : Slimserver bug with .m3u playlist format

Craig, James (IT)
2004-11-22, 07:39
This looks related to the issue I raised a while ago with display of
tracks in iTunes playlists;

I see this when viewing a playlist from "browse playlists":
Tell Her Tonight (Paul Sings) - Franz Ferdinand - Michael CD2 from
Michael CD2 by Franz Ferdinand

Even though I have selected the format to be TITLE-ARTIST-ALBUM.

But I find that the client display is fine as is the playlist under
'music player' so I've not been too concerned.


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Subject: [slim] Slimserver bug with .m3u playlist format

Using Slimserver 5.3.1, and previous versions, on WinXP, there appears
to be a
bug in the way that .m3u playlist files are handled.

Normally, all MP3 songs would correctly display in the Slimserver
browser as
'title' by 'artist' from 'album', using the ID3 tag info.

However, I found that playlists created by WinAMP as .m3u files would
cause the
song titles for those referenced by the playlist to appear as
'artist-title' by
'artist' from 'album', in both the left pane of Fishbone and the
player's right
hand pane. This obviously also affects the Slimp3/squeezebox display of
the now
playing status.

In comparing the .m3u from WinAMP, with a test created directly in
they look as follows:

Winamp .m3u file:
#EXTINF:270,Coldplay - Yellow
\My Music\MP3\Coldplay\Parachutes\Coldplay - 05 - Yellow - 192 kbps.mp3

Slimserver .m3u file:
#EXTINF:-1,Axel F
D:\My Music\Vinyl\12inch Singles\Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F.flac

So, it would appear that Slimserver reads the EXTINF fields and for some
decides to alter the title tag information that is stored about those
songs in
its database.

Has anyone found the same thing? Seems like a bug to me.