View Full Version : KLEJ Radio Station

2013-07-11, 07:37
Is there any easy way to play this station KLEJ on my Squeezebox Radio?

Thank You

2013-07-11, 08:59
how are you listening now?
Is there a website?

tune-in gives:


2013-07-11, 09:16
The problem is the station, they are not making their stream available beyond their own web player. Email the station and ask for a direct stream URL which does not require you to be logged onto their website (I'd bet they won't provide this).

The other large stream aggregators (vTuner, Reciva, iHeartRadio) have no stream available for KLEJ.

2013-07-11, 13:16
Bummer. I tried the station, they referred me to freestreams, where I could not get any contact info.

You'd think a radio station would want to be heard. Listeners are their business.