View Full Version : SqueezePlug Wi-Fi issus

the nightfly
2013-07-05, 14:23
When I first built my SqueezePlug, I had it temporarily connected as a cabled device to my router, and it worked fine.

I just attached an AirLink N150 USB adapter (on "approved" list). I went into setup, configured the WAN settings to use DHCP, my network name and WPA password (and, yes, I know I got both right), activated the configuration and rebooted. Shut down a second time, pulled the Ethernet cable, and started it up again.

Now, I can no longer connect to the SqueezePlug, and a scan with Advanced IP Scanner shows it as a "dead" connection.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

2013-07-07, 19:29
I don't have that adapter but I had to update the firmware to get the wifi to work using this command:


the nightfly
2013-07-10, 01:48
That seems to have done the trick -- thanks!

Now, all that's left to do is try to get digital audio out the HDMI port, and replace the flash drive with a fully-loaded HD...