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Craig, James (IT)
2004-11-22, 02:55
you really need to see what's in the log file.
I guess that you may not have an alias set up on your machine for
'localhost' so you could try replacing that the the address with the IP
address of your server.
Alternatively the log can be seen by activating the view->debug window
option from the SlimServer window.

The symptoms you describe sound to me like you're running SlimServer as
a service (this is the run on startup option in the installer),
which makes it unable to talk to iTunes. SlimServer then stops for the
30 seconds it takes for the OLE connection to time out.
If this is the case you need to disable the SlimServer Windows service
and run SlimServer yourself.

I'm not sure what setting you're referring to as 'manual' though?



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Hi James,
I couldn't get the SlimServer log to load. I have the pl file loaded in
the plugins folder along with the pm file. Direct update is on and the
manual is off. I don't see anything happening (no updates being made).
The one thing that does happen is with the direct update on I end up
loosing the connection in between songs for up to 2 minutes. With the
direct update off and the manual setting on, I don't loose the
connection at all. If I could figure out how to do it manually I would
just do that.

I have a feeling that its trying to do something in between songs.
Maybe trying to hook up with itunes but am not sure.

Thanks for your help

Mark Graham
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Subject: [slim] Need help with a couple of slimserver issues

Hi Mark,
to diagnose problems with the iTunes Update plugin have a look in the
SlimServer log, at http://localhost:9000/log.txt
Also check that in the configuration page (in SlimServer, under Server
Settings->Plugins) that Direct Update is on,
and that you are not running SlimServer as a servi

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