View Full Version : Wireless interference? Or problem with SB?

Dan Goodinson
2004-11-22, 02:48
Top idea ;-) I might give that a try :-) I'll look into that when I am
next back home.

Yesterday evening the SB was very stable indeed - only noticed one issue
since I switched to static IP, and I'm not entirely sure that was a
complete reboot (it may have just been "genuine" interference). I left
it playing all day up till around 9pm last night - after the change to
static IP, it was stable for at least 4 hours - 8 hours in total if I
discount the "suspect" loss of communication. Best it has ever been :-)

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Have been out this aft..so no new test news to report, but testing


My dlink allows me to log activity which will show new lease
requests....so one need not patch the sb to an amp...just plug sb into
router, plug headphones into sb...start a (eg. Live365) stream
playing....verify in headphones.... walk away...come back tomorrow an
check router log for frequent lease requests from the sb mac. If none,
then wired+shcp would seem stable.

Just a thought.