View Full Version : Wireless interference? Or problem with SB?

Biro, Stephen G.
2004-11-21, 21:53

With SS debug logging on d_protocol, when the SB cold boots, you will see
the following in the debug log (ss name is LIFEBOOK):

2004-11-21 23:25:34.3087 Got discovery request, deviceid = 2, revision =
2.8, MAC = 00:04:20:05:76:ff
2004-11-21 23:25:34.3088 It's a squeezebox
2004-11-21 23:25:34.3090 calculated LIFEBOOK

This level of debug is not very chatty - even with radio streams running, so
I don't see any problem letting it log over a few days. I am hoping the
discovery request is made in the same way on the warm boots..... (btw: not
sure what the revision=2.8 is about -- ss=5.4,sb=40 -- likely some internal
hardware reference).


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Damn - just rebooted, confirmed by the router logs. That's the first
reboot in about 4 hours.

Looks like my issue is not yet fully resolved :( Certainly seems
better, but a few more hours are needed before I can tell whether it is
truly better or whether there's also some interference messing stuff up
which I haven't been able to trace... Probably not going to be able to
provide many more updates until next weekend, as I'm back in work
tomorrow (I work away from home).

Mark - if you get a chance to test your USR8054 with SB as a DHCP
client, let me know the outcome...