View Full Version : Wireless interference? Or problem with SB?

Biro, Stephen G.
2004-11-21, 19:22
Damn....me too just after a few hours of continuous play... and another
about 45 minutes after that one. Argh. Router doesn't show any debug info
worth noting (dropped tcp's - just someone trying to access the admin from
the WAN side).

Tried turning on lots of debug on ss, but it swamped my poor box....i will
have to be a little more selective in choosing what to log.... but it's hard
to know what to choose.

Still, sb performance is FAR more stable with static ip. Anyone know which
debug items to choose to capture the sb registration on the ss? That way I
could monitor resets without needing to sit here listening intently ;-) I
will rtfm to see if it details what each of the debug items track.



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Damn - just rebooted, confirmed by the router logs. That's the first
reboot in about 4 hours.

Looks like my issue is not yet fully resolved :( Certainly seems
better, but a few more hours are needed before I can tell whether it is
truly better or whether there's also some interference messing stuff up
which I haven't been able to trace... Probably not going to be able to
provide many more updates until next weekend, as I'm back in work
tomorrow (I work away from home).

Mark - if you get a chance to test your USR8054 with SB as a DHCP
client, let me know the outcome...