View Full Version : Using Radio headphone out to connect to powered speakers. Sound quality?

2013-06-21, 09:35
I read that the headphone jack of the Squeezebox Radio is stereo, rather than mono. Has anyone used the radio headphone jack to run powered speakers? What is the quality compared to say, a Squeezebox Classic? I was using a Classic to run some powered speakers and also hooking it up to a PA system. The Classic died and the prices on eBay for all the components are so high that they are approaching Sonos cost. I can pick up a Squeezebox Radio cheaply. Will it do the job or is there a significant quality difference using the radio headphone jack?

2013-06-21, 10:52
I tried this...

The quality is fine, though not quite up to Touch quality. You'll find the Radio output at 100% volume is lower than the Classic/Touch (2.0vrms) at around 1.3vrms, around the same as the average PC soundcard.

But yea, it sounds just fine.