View Full Version : Clear MOG playlists on Squeezebox.

2013-06-17, 18:18
I just got MOG and a Squeezebox Radio, to add to my Duet I've had for years.

If I set up a MOG playlist on line, or get one and the result of a search on MOG, there is no way to clear it from The Radio or Duet Controller. If I scroll to the bottom of the playlist and select Clear Playlist I get the following error

Error reading headers: Bad response status line: '404 Not Found'
at/opt/ss/CPAN/Net/HTTP/Methods.pm line 311. ...propagated
at/opt/dd/CPAN/Net/HTTP/NB.pm line 32.

This is a problem because MOG thinks the streaming is still happening even if I turn off the Squeezebox device, so I cannot use MOG on the other one. Is there a fix for thsi? MOG says Logitech wrote the app so it's their problem. Logitech says MOG wrote it so MOG should fix it.

Anyone have a solution?

2013-06-18, 19:47
Your Radio is it a Squeezebox Radio or UE-Radio ?

Are you using the latests version of LMS ? Or are conecte directly to mysqueezebox.com

This happens in all interfaces even in the web-UI

what happens if you try to play something else not MOG ?