View Full Version : Use Pebble watch to control Android Logitech Squeezebox app

2013-06-16, 04:00
Hi! If you're not familiar with the Pebble watch, check out h-tea-tea-p :// getpebble dot com

This can control and display track info for the current default music player app. Sadly the stock Logitech Squeezebox app doesn't support this, nor do the 3rd party controller apps I've tried. Does anybody know of some sort of in-between app I could use to get this to work? There must be someone in the same situation, or if you've got a Pebble and a Squeezebox but haven't thought of this yet - you're welcome. :)

Thanks in advance for any help dudes.

2013-06-16, 04:22
Just thinking out loud as I don't have a pebble myself, yet at least.

You can get a tasker plugin for squeezebox control

You can also get a plugin for tasker stuff with the pebble


So control should be possible. Those apps are just quick searches on Play Store so there may be other options available.

For display of stuff you can get apps to display notifications on pebble


So if your usual SB app has now playing info in the notifications then that MAY also be be possible.

No idea how all that would work in practice mind. And that's assuming you're on Android, no idea what's available for iOS and pebble.

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