View Full Version : Dead SB Classic

2013-06-15, 12:57
I took a chance on a dead SB classic on eBay hoping it was a bad power supply or wi-fi card. Took out the wi-fi card, and it's still dead. Tried hooking it up to my router with ethernet and the light on the router didn't come on. It's not the power supply because I am using the one from my working SB2. The toslink light is on and if I darken the room, the thin horizontal wires on the display glow red. I couldn't find any common fixes for this thing other than a bad power supply or wi-fi card. Anyone have any ideas?

2013-06-18, 17:06
It was the daughter board. Swapped the one from my SB2 into it and now it works fine. Anyone have any idea where I can locate a daughter board so I can have them both working?

2013-06-19, 04:31
Might be worth taking a chance on one of these (http://www.ebay.ca/itm/140996093674).

2013-06-19, 12:38
Might be worth taking a chance on one of these (http://www.ebay.ca/itm/140996093674).

That's the guy I got mine from :-)

I ended up getting the SB2 to work. I was tinkering with the daughter board, and tapping it caused crackling on the audio. I kept tapping around and the display suddenly came on. I reseated the board because it had come loose and the display quit again. I found that it would work consistently if I pushed on the end opposite the connector. So I installed the screw back into the motherboard but without using the bushing, so it is being pulled down by the screw and it's been going since yesterday. Must be loose solder on the connector. If it dies again I'll look for cracks and try to fix.

2013-11-29, 10:38
Unresponsive SB3. The red light inside (toslink?) blinks. A couple of times the Squeezebox splash screen came on and then went off. I tried wiring it to my router, no change. I've tried all the reset methods. So wireless card, power supply,something else wrong?

If the wireless card has to be reseated, what size torx tool do I need?
If power supply, any recommendations for a replacement?