View Full Version : Last.fm won't sync but other services will

2013-06-08, 07:47
Two nights ago I was listening on both my Duet and my Boom via mysqueezebox.com and had them sync'd as a group. When listening to internet radio or Pandora they sync'd quickly and without problems. But when I switched to Last.fm, which I listen to more than 90% of the time, they would not sync. They would start separate streams and each would skip ahead every 5-10 seconds, although not at the same time. Occasionally they would hit on the same stream and I thought it would be fine, but one would soon skip and the process would start all over again. Switching back to other services fixed the problem immediately. (I just tried again with the same results.)

Either one will listen to Last.fm without problems for hours. Each is within 20 feet of the router/gateway and has a very good wifi signal. Any ideas? Thanks!