View Full Version : Alternate Universe or Nightmare?

2013-06-04, 14:12
The more I look for a replacement for my SB/LMS solutions the more I feel like I am in an alternate universe or possibly some type of nightmare. I have bought some Sonos equipment thinking they would be the replacement... The hardware is nice (Playbar rocks) but their new and modern back end solution is so far behind LMS's that there is no comparison. The EUSmart radio.... seriously, it is not even in the same league, it is basically an internet radio.

I know this is some sort of cosmic joke that Logitech abandoned the LMS/SB product. Logitech, you have staked your fortune (well not really, that was a bit over dramatic) to this new EUradio and have turned your backs on the people that supported you to get to the point to make that decision. You are obviously committed to it's success and could care less about the small minority of us that will not buy a EUSmart radio and continue on with LMS/SB. Your actions indicate there is no future in the SB/LMS line. If you are so committed to your decisions then allow us access to your OEM's for production runs of various SB hardware. I would rather buy a SB Boom without support than a EUSmart radio or another piece of Sonos hardware.

If you can't tell, I am so frustrated with this decision. It is like Chevy killing off the Corvette when it came out with the Chevette. Note to Logitech, Chevy makes both because there are different types of drivers with different types of needs. Don't worry, you won't be losing sales of the UEsmart radio to the current base of LMS/SB users.


2013-06-04, 18:14
Thankfully the Chevette doesn't exist any more. I haven't seen one of those on the road in ages. My first car was a Chevette...it's a wonder I'm still alive today. That car had the worst brakes EVER!!

Enough memory lane...

Yes, it is frustrating! The only hope that we have is that something worthy will fill the vacuum left with the demise of the squeezebox. In the meantime, I'm lucky that my setup was fleshed out enough that I don't need any more players and I can't imagine needing any more soon.

2013-06-09, 20:48
My stuff works fine for now, so I enjoy checking in every few weeks on the progress of the various hardware and software projects that are in the works. It sounds like there will be some viable products by the end of the year, and some of the software development (notably ickstream) may allow further advances on the software side of things.

In the long run, this call to arms may turn out to be a good thing, spurring innovation that Logitech couldn't muster since the Touch came out.