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Mark Graham
2004-11-21, 13:35
Hi James,
I couldn't get the SlimServer log to load. I have the pl file loaded in the
plugins folder along with the pm file. Direct update is on and the manual
is off. I don't see anything happening (no updates being made). The one
thing that does happen is with the direct update on I end up loosing the
connection in between songs for up to 2 minutes. With the direct update off
and the manual setting on, I don't loose the connection at all. If I could
figure out how to do it manually I would just do that.

I have a feeling that its trying to do something in between songs. Maybe
trying to hook up with itunes but am not sure.

Thanks for your help

Mark Graham
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Subject: [slim] Need help with a couple of slimserver issues

Hi Mark,
to diagnose problems with the iTunes Update plugin have a look in the
SlimServer log, at http://localhost:9000/log.txt
Also check that in the configuration page (in SlimServer, under Server
Settings->Plugins) that Direct Update is on,
and that you are not running SlimServer as a servi