View Full Version : Original SLIMP3 vs. newer Squeezeboxes?

2013-05-22, 10:48
My original SLIMP3 doesn't have wireless (which would be nice). It also only plays MP3 files natively.

One of the things that would be nice is if it has a slightly larger buffer. If I use it to play over a VPN (where the server is at home and I take the unit to the office), sometimes I get drop-out in the audio that results in pops and other noises. Would the Squeezebox have a larger buffer that minimize this?

Also, are there audio differences between the units? Would one of them have better sound quality (theoretically even) because of different processing chip or output section?

Is there a cross-reference showing the difference in features between all the units maybe?

Any input would be welcome.


2013-05-22, 11:02
Is there a cross-reference showing the difference in features between all the units maybe?


2013-05-22, 19:50
There are even more diferences , slimp3 cant use the online service mysqueezebox.com and probably has limitations with some third party plugins too ? and no native flac support as mentioned.

and soundquality is improved in all models >SB1 Supose then SD realised that they could do a real audio product not just a cool gadget .

But the Slimp3 is an historical product :)

2013-05-24, 08:45
But the Slimp3 is an historical product :)

Okay thanks. I need to find a newer Squeezebox so my wife can use Pandora. I think that would make her happy(ier).

2013-05-25, 06:46
A squeezebox touch would be good, but keep the slimp3 :)

2013-05-25, 13:28
Do any of the Squeezeboxes have better EQ's built-in? The SLIMP3 allows me to adjust bass and treble. I'm not sure if that is a limit of the server software, the hardware, or both. If some of the newer Squeezebox units have built-in EQ's that would be pretty awesome.

2013-05-26, 05:03
Not really , the squeezebox boom has it as it has built in speakers , but not any line level squeezebox since sb1.
That was really a property of the chip used in slimp3 sb1 . boom has an extra DSP chip that also does the xover etc.
Touch, SB3 and Transporter uses more hifi oriented DAC chips , where the slimp3 seemed to use similar circuit as a portable player , they usually have tone controlls .
The thinking here is that tone controll belongs in the hifi you conect your player to .

However people are using the inguz plugin , but it's basically abandoned and it takes some effort to make it run .
Or some are using brutefir ,not that easy either .

2013-05-26, 06:40
Okay, thank you for the run-down on the EQ options!