View Full Version : Step by step install guide for MusicIP on ReadyNAS x86?

2013-05-18, 22:32
I'm relatively proficient with Windows but have recently ditched my Small Business Server and replaced it with a ReadyNAS PRO 6.(6x2Gb discs runnining in XRaid 2, backing up daily to an old Iomega NAS, and now have MacBook Pros, iPads and iPhones for 3 users ((down from 5).

It is so much easier to manage - I have Time Machine running on all Macs to a share on the ReadyNAS, and wireless backups running from the iOS devices to each MAC

I'm a complete Linux novice and am struggling to find a step by step guide as to installing headless MusicIP on the ReadyNAS. Is there one?i do mean complete novice - I'll need my hand holding through each step.