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Mark Sayers
2004-11-21, 08:26
Yay, at least there are 2 of us... Maybe we both need to get a masters /
degree in Linux....

Well as for my log it says:

2004-11-21 14:44:42.4538 Live365.ChannelMode URL:
2004-11-21 14:44:42.6436 Live365.protocolHandler requested:

If I copy a link out of itunes / live365.com into the internet radio section
in help it works fine. (

It is JUST through the plug in that I get no joy.

Roger have you tried pasting a link in to ³tune in now² field in
help>internet radio?

At least you may get to listen to something.

Good luck

On 21/11/04 10:02 AM, "Roger Mitchell" <rog.mitchell (AT) bigfoot (DOT) com> wrote:

> Mark
> You will never know how pleased I am to find someone who has the same problem
> as me! I was convinced it was my total lack of understanding that was causing
> my problem but now (unless you are the same as me!), I realise that I am not
> alone!
> My system is WinXp SP2 but the symptoms you mentioned are identical. I too
> have only just managed to get logged in since upgrading to 5.4 but like you,
> it seems to try and give up. I have never yet got any music from my SB from
> Live365 although I can by connecting via a web browser. I have a desktop PC
> hard wired to a Dlink Wireless router (713) and a wireless laptop (Tecra
> 9100). Live 365 wont work on either of them so I wonder if it's a port problem
> (he says, pretending to know what he's talking about!)
> I'd be really interested in exchanging any ideas here but I've tried
> everything my little brain can think of. Jim say's to run slimserver with the
> plug-in debugger and submit that; probably as good a place to start as
> any.....
> Regards
> Roger
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> Subject: [slim] 5.4 Live365 issue/bug
> First let me say great job on 5.4, really seems good.
> The problem I have is:
> The internet radio plug in works pretty well, I get all the slim picks,
> shoutcast logs on great and plays....
> Live 365 however, logs on! (which I never managed before!) and I can browse my
> picks, but when I try to play anything, the screen very quickly says
> ³connecting to play² but then just says stopped.
> The stream doesnıt actually play, I can see it in the browser but it says
> stopped.
> Any idea? I can let someone have the log error if I knew which one to enable.
> Cheers in advance...
> If it matters I am running Mac OS 10.3.6
> Nice new squeezeboxes as well!
> Mark

mark sayers

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