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Dan Goodinson
2004-11-21, 08:19
In a way, it is comforting to know that I'm not the only one with this
prob ;-)

Thanks for this info, and thanks again also to Mark for the suggestions
regarding static IP. I've been running static IP since my last message
and so far there have been no reboots. That is to say: for all the time
I've been listening to it, no reboots - and for those times when I've
been away my girlfriend claims that there were no reboots... If
correct, that's now over 2 hours without reboot. That is not bad going,
and it rarely goes this long without a crash.

Not going to know for sure whether or not the issue is cured until a
good few hours have passed.

I'm reluctant to try wiring it up to the ethernet port, since I don't
have any patch cables (or stereo cables) long enough. Broadband modem
is upstairs, so that is where the router is. The squeezebox is plugged
into my stereo - downstairs. if all else fails, I might try that just
so I know whether the issue is specific to wireless. Although kind of
sounds like Stephen has similar issue and wired works ok...

Will keep you posted regards the static IP.

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(don't take this the wrong way ;-) but I am so happy to know that
someone else is having the exact same issue you that I am...sb will
reboot mid-stream...but also, even if no stream is playing and I am
scrolling thru menus or rss is running..... so it isn't related to the
audio side of the sb. Also, the sb is stable when wired.

My reboots run from very frequent (once every five minutes to a couple
an hour. All I can see in my AP is the lease requests generated by the
sb when it reboots. The reboots occur when there are several other APs
in the air, and also when there are none. My laptop is the only thing
on the network. I have tried all the channels, tried wep, tried shared
key, tried close to AP, far from AP.... I thought maybe it was due to
wireless signal loss, but I also took off the antenna to block signal,
and nothing. My theory is something happens at the network layer that
causes some sort of condition that causes a call to reset. At the moment
I am at a loss as to what to do to track this down...

I have a thread in discussion@ going "sb wireless reboot", but no one
had any ideas. I emailed Dean to see if there is some way to extract a
syslog off the sb to get deeper insight -- will let you know if I hear
anything back.

I will also try the fixed IP to see if that helps.