View Full Version : BBC DAB stream bitrate mismatch?

2004-11-21, 05:21
Stuart wrote:

>Have you tried it using DABBAR? I use the 1.4 Dev10 release which
>displays all the scrolling data and it works flawlessly on the current
>SlimServer release.

I spent a lot of time getting to a stable system (different players, USB
connections, aerial
positions etc) and found WinDAB to be more reliable than DABBar. However,
thanks for
the pointer to DABBar 1.4 - I tried this and it's so much more stable and
the extra features are worth having.

Unfortunately, even using DABBar the same problems occur - the BBC streams
empty the
buffer. Can anyone explain how the mp3 streams self clock?

BTW: the wavefinder reception tool gives between 10 and 40% in the green for
the BBC multiplex (the same as the other good channels) and WinDAB/DABBar
indicate 100%
(signal quality?) for all.

> Incidentally, what external antenna do you use with the Wavefinder?
I am not sure what make it is other than it was brought as a wavefinder
antennae from extensys purchased at the same time as the wavefinder itself.
It is positioned high on the side
of the house.

Any other thoughts?