View Full Version : Wanted - Members with XML & Java Skills

2013-04-19, 17:04
In relation to this thread:

We are looking for people with XML & Java skills who can make a start on the 'add on' for the new operating system (OS6) for the new Netgear ReadyNas line. Mherger from Logitech has offered to help so if you have skills in this area please post your interest.

So far there has been over 1300 views of the above thread so I'm assuming there is a fair bit of interest in the topic. As an incentive I am prepared to pay a small fee for a anyone who can produce a working add on. (If 1000 people are prepared to pay $5-$10 that might be a good incentive for someone to undertake this project). Any other members who are also prepared to pay please post your interest.