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2013-04-19, 08:50
There are now new updates for iPeng and iPeng for iPhone available on the App Store.

iPeng for iPhone will still be available for iOS 4.2+ with this release (2nd Generation devices and newer).

The changes are mainly bug fixes, the playback feature, for example, will now correctly show changing status information (track, artist,...) for radio stations.
Also, iPeng for iPad will get the performance improvements for the built-in browser iPeng for iPhone did get with 2.0.10 and also adopts a better behavior for the Lyrics screen saver.

Please make sure to not skip these updates if you use iPeng because otherwise you'll probably have to re-register your device with MySqueezebox.com due to a policy change Apple is rolling out May 1.

iPeng: http://t.co/65VVBMLsYc
iPeng for iPad: http://t.co/6ok8oNVNQw

Have fun!

2013-04-19, 11:32
Evening. Ipeng crashes on my iPad 3. I always use folder cos my tags are rubbish. If I hold the folder to play instead of opening it crashes back to springboard. iPad is jail broken if that makes any difference. Have uninstalled and reinstalled. Just in case.


2013-04-19, 11:42
And also on my iPhone 5 which is also jailbroken


2013-04-19, 12:57
Yes, I know :( it's a side effect of a fix I made in iPeng UE (for Slacker). I found it yesterday and have a fix but need to go through another review cycle with Apple. I didn't want to risk this release to fall out of April, that would have been pretty bad, sorry.

2013-04-19, 13:12
Ok, a fix soon?

Still a fantastic app

2013-04-19, 13:16
Well, don't ask me, how soon.
I submitted the iPeng UE, iPeng and iPeng for iPad versions on the same day, just a few hours apart.
iPeng UE got released on Tuesday, the other two today, it's a bit hard to predict.

2013-04-19, 14:26
As and when, then

Thanks again

2013-04-20, 06:18
Very nice job on the iPhone update.

2013-04-24, 10:57
OK, the fixes for the music folder issue are now available on the App Store, at least for iPeng and iPeng for iPad. iPeng UE is still waiting for review, no idea as to why, I submitted it together with the other two.
The fix (plus some more for some infrequent bugs) is the only change over the ..11 versions.

iPeng 2.1.12 http://bit.ly/104deIi
iPeng for iPad 1.4.12 http://bit.ly/Zxo1Ps

2013-04-24, 13:35
Thank you. All working on the iPad again.

Thanks again

2013-07-25, 09:39
... And now all major iPeng versions got a little update again.

Some details:

iPeng’s Facebook and Twitter clients have been updated to recent versions.

This feature might be especially of interest now that Logitech discontinued the facebook integration.

Twitter: The Twitter client in old iPeng versions became dysfunctional after Twitter discontinued support for their legacy API. This is now fixed with the new integration which also features a better performance and finally also a better rendering on Retina Displays.
Facebook: On iOS 6, the native Facebook integration will be used if possible. This allows iPeng to prefill the text for your post with the song you are sharing. Also, for your own library (where no direct links to the music are available), iPeng now adds the cover to the post.
On iOS 5, you will still have to paste the current track title into the status message, using the edit menu.

For both clients, you need to reauthorize iPeng to use your Facebook or Twitter account.

Learn more about using iPeng with Facebook and Twitter in the original announcement: http://penguinlovesmusic.de/2011/07/12/penguins-are-social-animals

This functionality is available in all three iPeng versions.

New file format indicators

Another improvement in the controller affects the display of files in albums and playlists. For files using lossless formats (FLAC, ALAC and the like), the file format will be shown along with the track, so that you can more easily distinguish between compressed and lossless audio files in your collection.

iPeng Playback also got some improvements:

Support for Replay Gain: iPeng Playback now supports the Squeezebox Server’s replay gain feature, allowing you to normalize the playback volume across a number of files. If you use iPeng with a dock that supports volume control separately from the audio stream (e.g. through USB audio), Replay Gain can even be used without affecting the music data itself (which means that it’s lossless then).
Remote Volume Control: In previous versions of iPeng, remotely controlling iPeng’s volume only became effective with a considerable delay. Now, iPeng’s volume can be remotely controlled the same way this works for the Squeezebox itself.
Automatic Latency Compensation (experimental): If you sync iPeng with other Squeezebox players, iPeng will now automatically adjust the output delay to match the output being used. This way, e.g. a Bluetooth headset or AirPlay receiver will use a different delay than e.g. a normal headset or a dock. Please note that the accuracy of this feature depends on the timing accuracy of the actual output device, especially with AirPlay this will probably not be sufficient for an exact synchronization.
If you need to manually adjust a playback delay (e.g. for an AV Receiver with a long internal delay), you can turn this feature off in the playback settings.

iOS 7 Support

For those of you who already use Apple’s iOS 7 beta releases, iPeng’s playback and the registration on MySqueezebox.com did not work with previous releases. This is now fixed, so that you can try out iPeng on this OS version, too.

Have fun!

2013-07-25, 13:12
Well done as always. When you next fiddle can you add the album detail to the Twitter feed - at present it's Song by Artist - "Song - Artist, Album" would be great. Cheers.

2013-07-25, 13:38
Problem with that is that you are usually very close to getting beyond 140 characters

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2013-07-25, 13:51
Could the file format indicator also come to the current playlists :) ( optionally by a setting ,I bet it be considered clutter by many users ) I don't always manually add stuff it can be from spotify or Deezer or locally from the lossy parts of the library .

Otherwise a very nifty feature thanks , I don't have much lossy content left (<5%), this feature could nudge me towards upgrading those files quicker ...

2013-07-25, 13:57
Re Twitter. You could truncate at 140 characters in the code.
I would suggest that if a user wants to add more text than there is space it is easy to delete sonething already there which could be Album. Its certainly going to be quicker to delete Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band than to type it.