View Full Version : Need help with a couple of slimserver issues

Mark Graham
2004-11-20, 19:23
Hi all,

Just hooked my Slimserver up last night. Worked very good out of the
box. I am using it with a linksys wireless router and hosting it with
Windows XP. I have a couple of questions that hopefully someone can answer.

1) After reading about itunes, I decided on trying it out since the
itunes updater would allow me to keep track of how many times and how
long a track had been played. The problem is that I can't seem to get
itunes to update the times a track has played. I used the itunes
playlist on the slimserver as it was available. Is there something that
needs to be done with the xml file? (The itunes updater file is loading
when the slimserver starts up)

2) My slimserver is right above my tv on the next shelf up and I've
noticed that it is interferring with my tv. Light wavy lines are
starting in the middle and working there way up to the top of the tv.
Not bad enough to not see the picture but there kind of a nuisance.
When I unplug the slimserver the waves go away. What can anyone suggest
on doing?

Any help on the above issues would greatly be appreciated


Mark Graham