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Phil Fernandez
2004-11-20, 12:28
I poted the message below to another thread on Thursday, but I thought
I'd post it again here since it received no response the other day. I
believe this is a real problem with WMA streams to Simp3, since it has
fixed me up now on two different setups -- different servers and
Slimp3s. Same problem, same fix.

I wrote:
OK, this is going to sound really weird, but I think it's real. I was
having this same problem. My config: Server 5.4.0, XP Pro SP2, Slip3,

I was able to get WMA (.ASX, etc.) to play on SoftSqueeze just fine, but
not make any sound on the Slimp3. I did a day and a half of various
debugging, to no end.

But then I decided to check into the convert.conf file to see if
something might be wrong there with the pipe for WMA transcoding with
Lame. For grins, I edited the convert.conf file to delete the Lame parm
"-x" (biteswap), and tried to play on my Slip3. Voila: Noise!

So obviously we neded the -x. I put it back in, restarted the server,
and then, really, voila: WMA streaming works with transcoding!

I diffed the original convert.conf and my final edited version.
Identical. But somehow editing the convert.conf fixed the problem for
me. I don't understand why this would be. Is there a chance that the
server somehow caches the convert.conf settings, and that the fact that
I edited the file caused it to flush/reload cache? Something of that


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I've been desperately trying to get WMA to work on my Slimp3. I've
upgraded to 5.4, installed lame.exe and lame_enc.dll, and now can listen
to the WMA stream on www.kqed.org. However, I cannot play WMA files on
my local machine (when I try to, the screen flickers very quickly and
can only be stopped by clearing the playlist). Also, I can't seem to
play this WMA stream:


I've searched through the archives and can't find any guidance. Any help
is MUCH appreciated. I'm running a Slimp3 on Slimserver 5.4 on Win XP
Pro, SP2.



Daniel Cohen
2004-11-20, 14:02
On 20/11/04 at 11:28 am -0800, Phil Fernandez wrote
>But somehow editing the convert.conf fixed the problem for
>me. I don't understand why this would be.

What happens sometimes is that line endings get mixed up. I don't see
why it should occur in this case, but nobody else has made any
suggestions at all.

I once or twice downloaded plugins that wouldn't work. I discovered
that I was getting them on my Mac with Mac line endings (Carriage
Return) and they needed Unix endings (Line Feed).
Daniel Cohen