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2013-04-02, 01:31
So, it's not just us die hards, http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-33199_7-57577076-221/top-7-products-that-should-still-exist/

2013-04-02, 04:51
Congratulations, Logitech. You managed to get 2 items on this list of 7. It seems you can create great products, you just don't know how to bring them to market.

Compare the Squeezebox marketing to that of Sonos. In its prime, Squeezebox had a broken webpage. Sonos has a full-on flashy ad blitz that clearly demonstrates what the product is capable of, and why you want to buy a lot of them. Sigh.

Now, if only the Sonos units had a display or could be controlled from the device itself...

2013-04-08, 13:54
I keep seeing SONOS soundbar commercials on television, and I keep thinking- man there's totally a market for this. Why did logitech buy slim devices if this was their long-term plan?

2013-04-08, 15:22
I'm sure this wasn't their long term plan. They bought SD when different people were involved at Logitech and I'd guess they figured the players would better/easier integrate into their existing distribution channels. A few personnel shuffles later and the entire idea and focus is now different. Plus I don't think they fully understood the whole SB technology and idea from the beginning, which pretty much derailed their "easy" integration into their existing distribution channels. All just best guesses by me, on the outside looking in.

2013-04-08, 16:43
I also was once the proud owner of a Palm Pre, which is also on the list. Logitech is doing to Squeezebox what HP did to Palm.
I did go iPhone, but I'll never go Sonos!

2013-04-08, 16:54
I was an early adopter of betamax (the actual machine was stolen in a house burglary!). I also had an Amstrad CPC. I used Novell at work until the centralised IT department rolled out Microsoft and killed off WordPerfect in favour of Word. I owned an NSU Ro-80 wankel-engined car (and a Citroen 2CV) ... and now I have a LMS-based sound system. Here's hoping ....

ps: I do not have any i-Thingy things

2013-04-09, 02:07
ps: I do not have any i-Thingy things

You could have done what I did - gone for the Nokia N9. Great hardware, great software - apart from all the bugs that could easily have been ironed out if Nokia hadn't chucked out their whole Linux group. Sounds familiar? :)