View Full Version : displaying growl/caller id/notifications/sms texts on squeezeboxes

2013-03-29, 19:17

How can I display growl, and other notifications on the squeezebox?

Can I set it up so I can sms texts to the squeezebox?

I am getting an OBI 202, it looks like I can set it up to send caller id as a growl notification.

Can I display these on the squeezebox?

If I run the LMS (Squeezebox server) on a mac and buy a cheap ($9) USB modem, can I use that to show caller id on the squeezeboxes?

2013-04-02, 01:13

I run LMS on a linux box, which has a modem attached, and I run ncidd (http://ncid.sourceforge.net/) on there too, which grabs the callerID from the modem. I then wrote a php script which listens for the broadcasts from ncidd and using the squeeze CLI pops the CallerID onto all my active squeezebox screens.

It's a really neat thing, which to this day I find incredibly useful.

Reading the notes on the ncid pages, I see that it runs on OSX, and that they found a USB modem that can do CallerID.

If you go down this route, I'm happy to share my php script.


2013-04-02, 02:27
You might want to look into xPL (http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/XPL)

2014-06-24, 18:02
Sorry to bring back an old thread, but any chance you still have that php script? I'd like to try it out.