View Full Version : Is there an "out of the box" replacement for a "Duet" reciever?

2013-03-26, 15:12
I currently have a Duet controller, and two receivers

As I don't use the system for anything other than streaming music from my PC to my home theaters and mobile devices, I'm hoping to continue with this delivery system for years to come

Is there currently another product available that would act as a third "receiver" , out of the box?

I've seen some DIY solutions on the boards, but these frankly, appear beyond what I can do



2013-03-26, 15:45
Another second hand squeezebox , it does not have to be a receiver the controller can happily comunicate with any of the squeezeboxes SB2 SB3/Classic Touch ? They have a bit more functionality than you want but hey can do everything the reciever does .