View Full Version : Pi Music Box brings Spotify to Raspberry Pi

2013-03-25, 06:20
According to an article in Engadget, the Pi Musicbox program is a "bootable Debian image for Raspberry Pi that implements Mopidy, a music server which enables playback from local storage, Spotify streaming and remote control from any MPD (Music Player Daemon) client. There are MPD clients available for most platforms, including Android, iOS. Windows and Mac OS. Pi Musicbox also supports WiFi, USB audio and Air Tunes streaming right out of the box."

The screen shots show album information, search and album art.

I don't know enough to be sure this is a solution, but it seems interesting to say the least.

2013-03-25, 06:44
Have a look at the "Squeezeplug" images which Thomas Ruehl, who posts on these forums as truehl, has already developed. There are bootable images for the Pi, the Sheevaplug, the Dockstar and the Goflex Net. http://www.squeezeplug.eu/wiki/index.php/SqueezePlug

His images appear to be much more comprehensive and finished than the current offering per http://www.engadget.com/2013/03/25/pi-musicbox-weds-spotify-and-raspberry-pi-plays-your-favorite-t/

There are many of us who use the relevant Squeezeplug images for LMS (I use the images for both the Sheevaplug and the Pi), and find that they work extremely well.

2013-03-25, 10:06
Thanks for that information. I was (obviously) totally unaware of the information you pointed me to - tho I was aware of the Pi.

All very encouraging in terms of eventual squeezebox replacement.