View Full Version : Price of second hand squeezebox classic and duet bundle

2013-03-18, 11:31
Hi guys.

I'm currently selling a used (but in great condition) squeezebox classic and duet as a bundle on UK eBay.

Anyone got any ideas how much I should expect for them? Sometimes both units seem to go for decent money, but not always...

I've put a buy it now price of 199 for the pair, but perhaps this is too much?

2013-03-18, 12:56
Could be. I gave away my Duet to a friend (he volunteered.) On ebay I've bought a few *new* old stock SB3 units around 85-100 each (shipping extra.)
Look at the price the Logitech units go for, they seem to sell better than the Slim devices ones…

2013-03-18, 13:24
Oh well. Hopefully I'll get somewhere near 150.

I think I should of listed them separately.